Adding VLANs to a Juniper Switch

Adding VLANs to a Juniper Switch

June 11, 2019, Author: Taylor

I absolutely love Junipers products, but coming from a Cisco background they are a tad bit different when it comes to configuring. These beasts run off of JunOS, which to my understanding is a variant of CentOS. If you are a Linux nerd like myself, this shouldnt be an issue for.

Using the information below, we will setup VLAN’s on the Juniper QFX5110.




  1. Log into the switch VIA SSH/Console/Telnet/etc…
  2. Once logged in, enter the command line interface by typing CLI  and hitting enter.
  3. At the prompt, type configure

The remaining steps will show you how to add the VLAN’s to the switch.

  1. set vlans WORKSTATIONS vlan-id 20
  2. set interfaces irb.20family inet address
  3. set vlans WORKSTATIONS description “Workstation & Laptop VLAN”
  4. set vlans WORKSTATIONS l3-interface irb.20
  5. commit

Next, we need to make a port an access port, and assign a VLAN to it. This process is the same across all ports/VLANS. Since we are using port 4 as a test port, we will type the command as follows…

  1. set  interfaces ge-0/0/4unit 0 family ethernet-switching interface-mode access
  2. commit

Finally, we need to add this VLAN to an access port, which will be the port we used from the step above.

  1. set interfaces ge-0/0/4unit 0 family ethernet-switching vlan members WORKSTATIONS
  2. commit

Thats it! Make sure you have something plugged into the port as it won’t come online without it.

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